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Mr. Cerro's help in the purchase of my house was invaluable. He spent an entire day with me checking everything from wood damage to appliances. His thorough inspection resulted in some necessary repairs completed prior to the close of the sale. This ultimately saved me over $2,500. Aside from saving money, the information shared during the inspection and contained in the home inspection book (given to each customer) are extremely useful. I have already used some of his home repair tips. Clearly, Mr. Cerro's services are above and beyond a regular inspection. I have already and will continue to recommend Mr. Cerro's services to my friends and family.

Corrine Hunter

It was the best money I’ve ever spent. I will never buy a house without having Mr. Cerro’s inspection. Thank you!

Trelles D’Alemberte

As I believe I told you the day of our inspection, you came highly recommended to us by your customers Elaine and Skip Ashley. Beyond that, everyone to whom we mentioned your name gave an overwhelmingly positive response – we heard "extremely thorough," "very educational," and "best in the business" quite a bit! Our buyer’s agent and broker also spoke highly of your work.

Even with such high expectations, Owen and I were thoroughly impressed with your knowledge, attitude, and ability and willingness to teach. You have surpassed your goal of making the home inspection educational; we felt completely informed – like the house holds no surprises. Although there are some problem areas, we understand their etiology, and are thus far more confident in proceeding with the purchase.

Please feel free to give my name and work number to those customers who request references.

Erica McCaul

Attention people of Tallahassee:

Larry Cerro does a great job – he’s saved me (us) money & increases our knowledge. Yes, he is a national treasure. Well, at least a Leon County treasure anyway.

E.J. Towey

We have only praise for Mr. Cerro’s inspecting skills and assessments. Good job!

After inspecting the house along with Larry, we felt that we had a perfect understanding of how the house worked, its strengths and weaknesses. We believe that Larry’s inspection was truly objective and accurate; moreover, the communication between Larry and us was perfect, direct, and clear. Larry has great communication skills. His explanations always made sense, and we always understood him. We recommend Larry without reservation.

Juan Gomariz and Kim Robertson

After your inspection of the house I’m renting and want to buy, I understood more about the structure, the problems, and the price I wanted to offer the owner. I also knew which items needed immediate repair so that I could acquire a loan.

I can’t imagine buying or selling a home without a Larry Cerro inspection!

Mary Anne Hoffman

To have an inspection performed by someone who is knowledgeable of all aspects of homes and takes the time to explain such items is rare. Larry does just this and then some. The knowledge that was transferred during the inspection was a blessing. Thank you!!

Bob Dillenschneider

Feel free to use us as a reference anytime. We will try to remember to notify you when we move. It will probably be sometime late next summer. PS. My wife was impressed with your report – and she is a full Colonel in the Air Force. Thanks again.

Gary C. Wiggin

Larry, I found your visit to be most professional and educational. Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference in the future.

David Hood MD, Kathleen Streetman CPA

Larry: We are moved in – thanks for your service. You can call me anytime to act as a reference for your service. I was really impressed and satisfied.

Bruce Belrose


Thank you very much for your inspection of the house I want to buy at 1176 Old Fort Drive. I am very impressed by your thoroughness & commitment toward providing the best service possible. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone I know. Also, thank you for making Mr. Drake feel good about his house which I think meant a lot to him. Thank you again – I wish you would reconsider your rule about not working on homes you inspect?

Kerri Ann Huckshaw


I want to thank you for the detailed inspection of the home we are about to buy. Your knowledge of home construction, maintenance, local issues, etc. impressed me. This increased understanding of the home will help in negotiating closing considerations and save us many dollars.

You can have people call me for a reference or use this letter as you wish. Our number will be in the book.

Art & Jane Houle

Mr. Cerro,

I would like to thank you for coming out and performing the inspection on my future house.

The detail that you put into all areas was outstanding. The areas that concerned me most were the exterior roof and the attic space. You removed any concerns I had.

The way that you were able to look at certain areas, such as some exterior siding, ceiling sheetrock that had been repaired and then discover conditions exactly as you predicted greatly put me as ease with your expertise.

Your explanation of the inspection procedure and areas that required repair or why they did not was fantastic. I came away with a knowledge of home construction that I never knew about. It was extremely fascinating to watch you perform your job.

I feel that the knowledge I received, the material you presented me and the overall inspection was well worth the money. Your rates are reasonable for a job well done.

You are a credit to your profession and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is considering buying a house and thinking of getting a home inspection.

Not only was our knowledge of the house we are buying enhanced, but we saved several thousand dollars in costs by making the seller aware, thus it became part of the negotiating process.

Pete C. Lawhorn, Donna Riordan


I was very impressed by your knowledge of your job and by your thoroughness. Thank you for spending so much time with me explaining things. Thank you also for the generous discount.

I wanted to share with you that the people at All Florida Insulation claim that in a tropical climate such as we have in Florida, the insulation under a house is hung paper side out! This might be helpful to you late on.

Alathia Lister

Dear Mr. Cerro:

This is just a note to thank you once again for applying your expertise in the inspection of a house I am planning to buy. I was very pleased with the first house inspection you performed for me several years ago, and equally pleased with the inspection you performed last week.

On both occasions, I was especially impressed by your professional knowledge, by your attention to detail, and by your clear description and explanation of what you found during the inspections. Whenever I decide to buy another house, you can be sure I will call you and have you inspect it before I close on it.

Michael M. Parrish

Larry Cerro was extremely thorough in his inspection of our new home. We felt confident with our new purchase.

Jennifer & Kevin Warren

Larry was wonderful. He explained everything and had no problem explaining twice and in layman’s terms if we didn’t understand. He also put us at ease by his friendly demeanor.

Dorothea and Dino Syleos

Larry you did a great job explaining things to me about the house and definitely helped put me more at ease about the house. I would recommend you to anyone purchasing a home.

Kesler Roberts

Thanks very much for inspecting our house to thoroughly on March 3. Since your visit, our builder has seen the damage caused by the flashing problems you noted and has agreed to take care of it. While he was not as concerned about areas he felt they’d adequately caulked (specifically those that did not have kickout flashing), he has agreed to take care of the major damage to the front of the house.

One thing is clear to us – having your inspection report to present to our builder made the job of breaking the news much easier. It was just the backbone we needed. The best part is that it made our case for us. We didn’t have to say much of anything! He even thanked us for his copy of your addendum, suggesting it would make filing his insurance claim a lot easier.

Marcia & Tony Welch

I was a first-time home buyer and a single parent as well, I felt a great responsibility to my family as well as myself to ensure the quality of our investment was lasting. Larry is so personable and professional that it was easier than I expected. All my questions were answered without hesitation. I learned things about my house that was important to properly maintain it and preserve my pride in ownership of one of the largest investments a person will ever make. Thanks, Larry. The notebook is a great tool too. It helps me to have a reference to obtain information when I need it. I highly recommend your service to old and new homeowners, whether it's their first time or their tenth time. I'm sure they will learn something that didn't know before when the inspection is completed.

Theresa Watford

I learned more about the house we're buying in one day than I've learned about houses I've lived in for years. For the person who doesn't like surprises in a major investment such as your home, Larry Cerro is the professional to call on for extensive information.

Madison Hodges

Your inspection was extremely thorough. I believe, given my experiences with other home inspectors, your review was far more comprehensive then any other inspection I've been involved with.

Mike McNally

Your explanation of the inspection procedure and areas that required repair or why they did not was fantastic. I came away with a knowledge of home construction that I never knew about. It was extremely fascinating to watch you perform your job. I feel that the knowledge I received, the material you presented me and the overall inspection was well worth the money. Your rates are reasonable for a job well done. You are a credit to your profession and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is considering buying a house and thinking of getting and home inspection.

Jerome Eggleston

You came highly recommended and as clients, we will also recommend you highly. The information you gave us made us aware of what we need to check about our new house. That for us means peace of mind.

Catherine and Dan Kiley

Your knowledge of home construction, maintenance, local issues etc. impressed me. This increased understanding of the home will help in negotiating closing considerations and save us many dollars.

Art Houle

Excellent professional service when buying a house. Very impartial and informative to naïve home buyers.

The Bono's

We are extremely pleased with your service. Your professional competence was exceeded only by your demonstration of your personal concern that our best interest be furthered by the service you performed. Accompanying you on your inspection was a great educational experience.

Woodrow and Nancy Kerce

I appreciate your willingness to show me all the little ins and outs about the house. This will help me tremendously with my rental units.

Mike Shepard

We were very impressed with the quality of the inspection. We were referred to Larry by a friend and we have already recommended him to others. We feel this inspection was very thorough and we learned so much about home maintenance in general. We specifically appreciate the time spent inspecting the home and your willingness to answer any and all questions we asked.

Judy Kirk

Larry was extremely thorough in his inspection. He took plenty of time to explain his findings and answer my questions. This is the first time I have utilized an inspection service. The quality and professionalism displayed by Larry was appreciated.

Rob McGarrah

Without a doubt, I gained and new perspective about the house I wanted to buy. Larry was thorough and willing to answer all my questions, no matter how small. The inspection was a mini-education! Larry was the only professional I worked with during my home-buying that I felt was truly working with my best interests first.

Nancy Muller

Mr. Cerro, in my opinion, conducted a very competent inspection of the house we intend to buy. He was courteous, knowledgeable and thorough.

Quentin Bell

I feel much better and am in an advantageous situation when dealing with Realtors because of this inspection.

Craig Brown

I really didn't know what to expect with this home inspection because we have never had one before but I was completely satisfied with the results. I found it to be very interesting and a wonderful experience. There were things pointed out to me that I would have not seen or known what they meant if Larry had not detected them and explained what caused it and how it could be corrected.

Nancy Glisson

I was impressed with Mr. Cerro's thoroughness and enthusiasm. He was very knowledgeable and quite willing to answer questions. His answers were clear and easy to understand by a novice. Although I really wanted the house Mr. Cerro inspected, his inspection kept me from making a costly mistake.

Joyce Davis

We are first time homeowners and needed someone knowledgeable in the structure of a house to help us. We have found Larry Cerro to be that person. His advice and taking time to explain things we did not understand was most helpful.

John and Elaine Croston

I can't imagine an inspection being any more thorough. Excellent job. Money well spent. By spending $500, we saved $5000.


Thank you again for your help with the purchase of our house. After hearing your inspection report, I am so thankful that we chose you over {your competitor}. I don't know how or why anyone would invest in a house before having such a thorough inspection. We would have had thousands of dollars in repairs we didn't expect.

Lunell Mjell

The inspection paid for itself y identifying problems and providing the solutions with cost estimates not to mention all the maintenance tips and energy saving tips.

Walter Cofer

He is one of the most professional persons in the housing maintenance business that we have experiences in our thirty-five years of purchase, construction and/or sale of three houses and three condominiums. We are impressed by his energy and pleasantness after nearly eight hours of ceaseless inspection of every nook and crevice of the house, from the roof to every closet.

Anthony and Delia Koo

Larry is great at simplifying the details of home inspection so things are understandable. I appreciated going step by step through the whole house and then getting the full formal review at the end.

Barry Plath

I appreciate the service not only for the incredibly thorough knowledge I got about my house but also for the confidence I gained when bargaining with the sellers based on my understanding of what repairs needed to be done and what costs were likely to be.

Terry Dunn

I would not buy property in Tallahassee unless Mr. Cerro looked at it first. The inspection is worth much more than it costs!

Tessa Little

This is the first time I've been involved in buying a home and I feel very informed because of your detailed report. The thing I was most impressed with was, at the end of our conversation when you told me part of your fee included free advice over the telephone anytime. I feel better knowing I can call you with any questions I may have in the future.

Susan O'Rourke

Because of Larry I truly feel like I know the house I am buying.

Scott Openshaw

I chose L. Cerro based on several friends’ recommendations, so I did expect a first-rate inspection. What I did not anticipate was receiving a high quality training session interwoven in the process.

After one day, I probably know things about this house that the owners are unaware of after 12 years there.

Armed with L. Cerro’s observations and the accompanying details in the provided "Homebook," I have the next two years worth of "weekend projects" outlined for me in my new home.

Barbara Davis

The homeowner insisted on paying 50% of your fee because he learned so much from your inspection. His problems with the L.P. siding were highlighted by your work.

Edwin J. Meyer

The inspection was very thorough and everything was explained clearly to us so that we not only understood the few minor repairs that were needed, but also gained a better understanding of some of the great things about this older home. Larry made us feel much more comfortable during the scary process of purchasing a home.

Jennifer and Jay LaVia

Following your lengthy, professional and insightful inspection of the home I am under contract to buy. I was able to pinpoint areas of concern and address these in a knowledgeable manner with the seller. This was especially important to me, as a single woman, I had felt a certain intimidation in approaching the seller with a confident manner to discuss any repairs I felt were indicated.

Not only do I feel secure in my decision to purchase this home, but I also have more than redeemed your home inspection fee in repairs you pointed out that have now been fixed by the seller. If there is a better value on this planet, I don’t know what it might be!

Again, please let me thank you for increasing my confidence and knowledge level as a first-time homeowner. I would not hesitate to recommend your services, and I fully intend to do so at every opportunity!

Shari Hubbard

Thank you for your thoroughness and professionalism in the inspection of the home we plan to buy. The problem you identified with the house would have cost us a couple of thousand dollars to fix. Instead, the builder corrected the flaw at his expense without expense to us. Your fee was the best money we have ever spent. Thanks also for being available to discuss the corrective actions.

When we buy again in the area, we’ll be sure to give you a call.

Kent Wimmer

I truly appreciated the time Larry spent showing me the various aspects and assets of our new home. His professionalism should be the standard that others strive to achieve. We feel much more confident that the house we purchased meets all of our expectations.

Todd Chenicek

I have worked for a builder for 2 ½ years, but your inspection extended my knowledge greatly.

Joe Benedict

Larry did an exceptional job from the moment he arrived to the time he left the inspection. He gave me an education in what to look for in potential problems with this home we looked at which will carry over to future homes I look at. I highly recommend his services!

Greg Olexa

Your fee was a small price to pay for knowing the deficiencies of a fixer-upper before committing to it. Thank you!

Gathana Parmenas

Larry is quite obviously passionate about his work and therefore truly on the side of the home buyer. It’s comforting to have his expertise at work for you. I would (and do) recommend him to a friend!

Cynthia Robertson

A lot of people told me very good things about you and your service, and you met and exceeded everything they said.

Mike Hamilton

Mr. Cerro provides a thorough inspection and education on every element of a house and property. He is extremely knowledgeable and committed to presenting detailed and valuable information to presenting detailed and valuable information on needed home repairs as well as helpful maintenance suggestions. His services are a "must" for any new home buyer.

Julie Dunn

We greatly appreciate Larry’s expertise and insight during our home inspections. He saved us from making a costly mistake and we gladly rehired him for another inspection on the next house we chose. Thankfully, that one turned out to be a winner and we were able to change how we viewed a house after our learning experience with Larry.

We highly recommend his services and talents to anyone looking for a high quality home inspection.

Sharon Heintz

It has been my experience that men tend to patronize women who seek knowledge in "men’s" areas of expertise; a "Don’t you understand? Take my word for it," sort of attitude. I noticed none of that with you. I welcome explanations, even if I don’t understand all of it yet, because it is knowledge on which to build. Yet, you presented it as to a peer. Thank you.

I especially appreciate being able to come back later to ask more questions. A house and its maintenance can be a big job to tackle all at once. Breaking it into smaller jobs makes it more manageable (your report did, too!), and enables me to learn as I go.


Being able to call in the evenings helped tremendously. Knowing I can call in the future for a quick consultation (like from an experienced friend) is invaluable! Very worth the original fee.

Martha Mobley

Thanks for being so knowledgeable and thorough!

Victoria Morse